LFD assists Norco Fire Company
September 28, 2019

At 10:48pm Marine 51 was dispatched to assist Chester Station 64 with a water rescue. There was a report of a flare being seen in the area of the river, the caller was unsure of where it was. Marine 51 was deployed from the Quoit Club to check the river. Marine 51 along with Boat 69 conducted an extensive search of the area around the Quoit Club and didn’t find anything.

At 10:55pm While the Water Rescue team was getting ready, Chester County also dispatched Air 51 and Tanker 51 to assist Chester Station 64 at a building fire off of South Hanover Street. Upon arrival Air 51 went in service with their cascade to fill air cylinders and the crew from the Air 51 assisted with roof operations. Tanker 51 assisted at the scene with water operation.