Water Rescue for the First Responder
May 6, 2019

The Department had 8 members take Water Rescue for Emergency Responders (WRER) on May 4th, May 5th and May 11th. The first two days of the class were classroom review, swim test and basic skills in a pool and a written exam. On Saturday May 11th, the members went to Kelly’s Lock Overlook, outside of Reading, to conduct the on river skills portion of the class. This involved self rescue swimming and obstacle avoidance, use of throw bags and establishing and using rescue lines for responders in the water.

During the on river skills practical, the area was shared with two other classes performing the same practicals course. Towards the end of the Department's session, the instructors were advised by the other class that they had an injured participant and were looking for some assistance. The instructors notified Berks County and dispatched for a water rescue and boat response for the local departments. Instructors and members suited back up and assisted with the water rescue efforts.