Explosion at Venezia Hauling on Airport Road
June 20, 2022

On Monday June 20th, Limerick Fire Department was dispatched around 3:50 p.m. for a reported explosion and building fire at Venezia Hauling on Airport Road. Additional units from Sanatoga Fire Company, New Hanover Township Fire Company and Pottstown Fire Department were initially dispatched as well. Chief 51 arrived on location and advised there was no fire, however there was an explosion and to hold the response to The Limerick Fire Department units.

Engine 51, Tower 51, Squad 51 and Ladder 51 all responded, along with fire police. Engine 51 and Tower 51 were ordered to stage in the front of the building, while Ladder 51 and Squad 51 were ordered to go to the rear of the building. Both Tower 51 and Ladder 51 were set up to access the roof and firefighters were sent to investigate. Crews were also assigned to search for additional debris to help in the investigation. Limerick Township Fire Marshal requested the RFIT (Regional Fire Investigator Team) to the scene to assist with the investigation. One employee was taken by ambulance to be treated for injuries. The Fire Marshal's office and the Pennsylvania State Police Fire Marshal conducted further investigation into the incident, after units were cleared.

This news posting was delayed at the request of the Township Fire Marshal's office pending their investigation.