Final Day Youth Firefighter Camp 2022
June 24, 2022

What a fantastic final day of our youth firefighter kids camp. The cadets began the day by getting a group photo in front of Ladder 51 and Tower 51. Soon after the group photo the Cadets viewed and participated in a rescue demonstration. The Firefighters did a roll-in rescue drill with lights and sirens activated, using Squad 51 and Engine 51. The firefighters demonstrated how the tools, shown earlier in the week, would be used to extricate an injured person from a vehicle. The drill consisted of removing the roof, having EMS assess the patient, completing a dash roll and extricating the victim. After the rescue demonstration, the Department did a roll-in car fire drill, with Engine 51, Traffic 51 (Fire Police) and Squad 51. Crews showed techniques on extinguishing and Fire Police set up with Warning signs and how they block the roadway.

The cadets then enjoy a nice cool shower from Ladder 51 and Tower 51, before their week ending pizza party. During their party a special guest, Sparky, made a visit and said hello to the cadets.

Limerick Fire Department would like to thank all the members and volunteer who assisted during the week. Most of all we would like to thank the parents and cadets for participating in this year's camp. Hope to see you back next year.